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Investors lend directly companies looking for fast loans or online refinancing. An investor funds multiple companies to reduce risk.

Investors receive monthly payments from companies, consisting of the loan principal and the interest. These funds can be reinvested or withdrawn from your account. The choice is yours!

On Fagura, investors and borrowers support each other’s financial growth. Algorithms objectively assess loan applications, analyse credit histories, calculate interest rates, and assign risk scores.

Fagura assigns the received payments to investors. In the case of outstanding payments, we employ investment recovery procedures at the highest market standards.

Business SRL
Business development loan

Entrepreneurs seeking business financing can easily apply for a loan online on Fagura. If approved, multiple investors on the platform will fund the loan.

Companies pay their instalments on a monthly basis according to the payment schedule attached to the loan contract. The advantage: they build a positive credit history.


Why choose to grow financially with Fagura via online loans or investments?

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Everything happens digitally, even the signature. Borrow or refinance online. Invest easily, quickly, wherever you are.

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You receive the response to your online SME loan application within 24 hours. Everything is digitized and efficient.

Get your business known

Your loan pitch makes your brand known to all Fagura community members. This way, you can even find new customers.

Grow financially by helping

When you invest, you also support Romanian businesses that are striving for expansion or are just embarking on their journey. This contributes to the growth of both the economy and your profit.

Below are some of the investment opportunities available on the platform. You can invest anytime, starting from 25 euros.



Cresterea activitatii si extindere



Compania este focusata de crestere clienți și dezvoltarea clientii



Scop Obținerea unei finanțări pentru a crea un stoc tampon de materie primă, necesar pentru a preveni întreruperile de activitate și a asigura continuitatea producției. ### Obiective 1. **Creșterea stocului de materie primă:** Asigurarea unui stoc suficient pentru a evita blocajele în producție. 2. **Plata furnizorilor:** Stabilirea unor relații comerciale stabile și fiabile prin plata promptă a furnizorilor. 3. **Satisfacerea cererii:** Menținerea capacității de a răspunde la cererea crescută a clienților fără întreruperi.



Societatea Comerciala ANB CLEVER TOOLS S.R.L. este o societate relativ tânara aparuta pe piata locala si zonala a prestatorilor de servicii din domeniul lucrarilor de constructii, anul înfiintarii acesteia fiind 2020. Societatea si-a început activitatea cu lucrari de mai mica amploare, dar care prin calitatea executiei si seriozitatea cu care au fost abordate angajamentele contractuale cu clientii, au adus cel putin capitalul de încredere care sa o recomande pentru noi colaborari, in momentul de fata, axandu-ne pe ANTREPRENORIAT GENERAL.

Use the calculator below to check the estimates for a loan on our platform. Bear in mind that these numbers are only estimates, and you will only have an exact calculation when applying for a loan.

Credit history
Over how long?
12 luni
12 months
48 months
Monthly instalment
434.71 €
Total savings
1244.84 €
Annual interest rate:
7.90 %
Total returned:
5216.53 €

* The minimum term for granting a loan is 12 months and the maximum term is 48 months. The minimum effective annual interest (APR) in the case of a good credit history will be 6.9%, in the case of a poor credit history - the maximum annual effective interest (APR) will be 38.9%. Example calculation: Loan amount - €1000. Released amount - €1000. Total return - €1071.24. Period - 12 months. Monthly payment - €89.27. Annual interest - 12.9%. APR - 12.9%. To find out your exact interest rate, you will need to complete a financing application.

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Investing in crowdfunding projects involves risks, including the risk of partial or total loss of invested funds. Your investment is not covered by deposit guarantee schemes established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. Also, your investment is not covered by investor compensation schemes established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Your investment may not generate any income. This is not a savings product and we advise you not to invest more than 10% of your net capital in crowdfunding projects. You may not be able to sell the investment instruments when you want to. If you are able to sell them, you may still make a loss.