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SME Loan Calculator

On Fagura, you can obtain a loan with a correct scoring based on an algorithm that underpins the platform and analyzes your credit history.
Cu o istorie creditară
Perioada de creditare
12 luni
12 luni
48 luni
Rata lunară
434.71 €
Total economii
1244.84 €
Dobânda anuală
7.90 %
Total întorci
5216.53 €

* Termenul minim de acordare a împrumutului este de 12 luni, iar termenul maxim este de 48 luni. Dobânda anuală efectivă (DAE) minimă în cazul unei istorii de credit bune va constitui 6,9%, în cazul unei istorii de credit rele - dobânda anuală efectivă (DAE) maximă va fi de 38.9%. Calcul exemplu: Suma împrumutului - 1000€. Suma eliberată - 1000€. Total întorci - 1071.24€. Perioada - 12 luni. Plata lunară - 89.27€. Dobânda anuală - 12.9%. DAE - 12.9%. Pentru a afla dobânda ta exactă, va fi necesar să completați o cerere de finanțare.

Why borrow on Fagura?

Why choose to grow financially with Fagura via online loans or investments?

100% online

The application, signing, and management of the loan contract - everything happens online. Quickly and efficiently.

Prepayment without costs

You can repay the loan whenever you want, without worry. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Simple and transparent.

Get your business known

When you apply for a loan online, you also make your business known. Fagura members learn about your company and this can bring new customers.

We support startups

Even if it was established just 2 months ago, your company can get credit. At Fagura, we want to grow together.

How to get fast loans on Fagura?

On Fagura, companies borrow directly from investors

Investors finance multiple loans for Romanian SMEs with small amounts. The interest paid is returned to them as profit. Fagura manages the connection between entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and investors who want to make a profit, supporting Romanian companies. At Fagura, we emphasize the potential of companies, regardless of their age.

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It takes no longer than making tea. You fill in the sum you need and for how long, plus a short description of the business. Upload some documents online and you’re done.
The investors finance your loan
The investors on Fagura read your presentation and decide to finance you. A loan is funded by multiple investors within a maximum of 14 days.
Sign the contract and receive the money
You sign the contract digitally, then Fagura transfers the money to your account. The installments and interest that you’ll pay are returned directly to the investors who financed you.

Companies like yours, financed on Fagura

Why choose to grow financially with Fagura via online loans or investments?



Cresterea activitatii, care necesita mai mult combustibil. Odata cu venirea lunilor cu activitate intensa (aprilie, mai iunie), activitatea pe partea de transport rutier de marfuri creste, astfel incat este nevoie de achizitia unei cantitati mai mari de combustibil (motorina). Crescand aprovizionarea cu combustibil, firma poate servi mai multe comenzi pe diverse rute.



Compania și-a stabilit achiziționarea unui nou stoc de materiale destinate desfacerii la nivel național pentru clientii: Martplast, Temposanit și Goodmob. Această decizie ne ajută să îmbunătățim gama de produse oferite clienților noștri.



Noi am incercat tot timpul sa prestam servicii de calitate si sa oferim clientilor nostri siguranta si linistea ca solicitarea lor va fi dusa la bun sfarsit. Noi vrem sa consolidam acest lucru extinzand afacerea prin agregate frigorifce noi



Dorim sa achiziționăm un autoturism pentru a putea livra în siguranță și fără griji produsele clienților.Am tot cumpărat mașini vechi,insa mereu ajung sa investim multi bani în repararea acestora.

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Investing in crowdfunding projects involves risks, including the risk of partial or total loss of invested funds. Your investment is not covered by deposit guarantee schemes established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. Also, your investment is not covered by investor compensation schemes established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Your investment may not generate any income. This is not a savings product and we advise you not to invest more than 10% of your net capital in crowdfunding projects. You may not be able to sell the investment instruments when you want to. If you are able to sell them, you may still make a loss.